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Data is becoming increasingly important for understanding various problems and solutions. Data by itself says little, but together with our partners we can turn that data into useful information and knowledge. We give our clients insight into the large amount of data they often already have or consult new sources to obtain data. With this data, we search for new, innovative solutions to important issues. No assignment is too small or too big: we work from big data and machine learning algorithms to complex supply chain analysis. Moreover, with our intuitive dashboards and interfaces, we ensure that our technical products are user-friendly and transparent.

Data analytics

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Our more economic data analyses are about more than just math. We help separate main issues from side issues, substantiate effects and look for new, creative methods to quantify impact. Within the economic frameworks set by the planning agencies in the Netherlands, of course. Our analyses provide additional information for major policy decisions.

In every assignment, we look at the situation from both a data- and a domain-driven perspective. Our data experts work closely with our domain experts so that they can convert that data into applicable information. Thus, together we determine what the core problem is, then evaluate what data is needed to solve the problem and how the data should be deployed.

We like to work on strategic data analysis, develop necessary tools for improved business operations and perform market and trend analysis. In this, we always deliver customized solutions: we develop products and advice that are effective, efficient and creative.


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