Youth care close to home

Realized in The Netherlands

Youth care close to home

Growing up feeling at home as much as possible. Rebel is contributing to the goal of reducing the number of young people in secure units, inpatient and residential youth care.

The Challenge

The 18 municipalities in the South Limburg region have entered into a long-term agreement with four youth care providers. Their goal for the coming years is to reduce the number of young people who need to be placed voluntarily or involuntarily in inpatient and residential youth care. This includes developing alternative healthcare services that reduce the length of stay and allow young people to receive healthcare and support close to home.

The Approach

Rebel shaped and defined the content of the collaboration between the four youth care providers, with a cooperation agreement as the outcome. To achieve this result, we designed and followed a process that enabled the parties to gradually reach agreements on the organisation of the cooperation, the decision-making method, and the way in which funding and the distribution of financial risks are coordinated.

During this journey, these four parties transcended their own interests to contribute to the transformation of youth care.


The establishment of a cooperative agreement between four youth care providers.