Strengthening Honduras’ PPP Policy Framework

Realized in Honduras

Strengthening Honduras’ PPP Policy Framework

Producing a diagnostic of the PPP policy framework to identify successful areas and areas to strengthen. Rebel was excited to produce this report and recommendations to inform the Honduran Government.

The challenge

Honduras has initiated several PPP projects across the country to varying degrees of success. The government wants to build its institutional capacity to better execute future PPPs. As such, we strived to deliver a thorough analysis of current policy & regulatory strengths and weaknesses, as well as to provide recommendations.

The approach

Our policy & regulatory diagnostic identified lessons learned – to date – in the implementation of Honduras’ PPP Program. Our analysis included interviews with key stakeholders and PPP implementers. We analyzed four Honduran PPP projects as case studies. After the analysis, we detailed recommendations for strengthening the regulatory framework and institutional capacity of Honduras for prioritization, structuring, and implementation of PPP projects and programs.

Our recommendations were integrated into a new PPP decree approved by the Honduran Parliament.



A stronger national PPP framework codified by the Honduran Parliament into a decree.