Monitor opportunities in payment, mobility and identification market

Realized in Multiple countries

Monitor opportunities in payment, mobility and identification market

Creating a guide on trends in ticketing, mobility and payments in transit, with in-depth analysis of specific high-interest topic.

The challenge

New ways of payment and identification in mobility are being explored and developed every day. In order to make sure that we not only keep up with the industry, but get ahead of it and identify future challenges and opportunities on this highly innovative market, Rebel created the Market Monitor.

The approach

The Market Monitor was formed to help understand the overall business cases around payments and identity in mobility. By leveraging the international industry knowledge through tracking trends and news, Rebel has unlocked the know-hows of public-private partnerships and explored new developing products on mobility.

The Market Monitor is a hands-on tool on providing insightful data, that can answer the issues related to strategic / executive strategy decisions and process design, while recognizing the value of propositions and partnerships. Making todays choices resilience for the future.


Created a tool to help decision making, market analysis and business case understanding.