Minimizing Flood Vulnerability in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Realized in Ecuador

Minimizing Flood Vulnerability in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Supporting the preparation of flood preparation models to minimize financial and economic impact on infrastructure. Rebel was eager to develop the country’s resiliency measures.

The challenge

Guayaquil is a port city which faces destructive flooding, exacerbated by on-going climate change. To protect its infrastructure investments, the city looked for guidance on mitigating flood risks. Rebel worked with the city to analyze multiple flooding scenarios and provide robust project alternatives for each situation.

The approach

We provided our unique knowledge on potential financing and funding opportunities in (urban) climate adaptation projects and governance solutions for the implementation of long-term flood resiliency programs. We created flood damage models and conducted cost-benefit analysis on several scenarios relating to each assumption. This allowed us to identify and assess funding and financing challenges and opportunities for different flood resiliency measures.


Our final products can be used to better examine flood resiliency in the Guayaquil context to ensure solutions that are both beneficial to society and financially feasible.


Investment strategy for flood risk adaptation for 400,000 inhabitants of the Febres Codero neighborhood.