Johannesburg Inner City economic development and investment roadmap

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Johannesburg Inner City economic development and investment roadmap

Developing initiatives to support the economic advancement of Johannesburg’s Inner City and its declining economic nodes.

The challenge.

The Inner City was the biggest regional contributor to growth in Johannesburg’s economy during the early 2000s. In recent years, the rate of economic growth of the city as a whole has started to outstrip that of the Inner City. A decline in private investment, poor urban management as well as overcrowding and rising unemployment have negatively impacted how the economy functions.

The approach

The approach used a review of high-level issues to determine the key clusters and precinct nodes to focus on, as well as what factors needed to be addressed to create an enabling environment. Our approach is guided by recent literature and international experience focusing on the competitive advantage of inner cities.

We delivered an Inner City economic and investment roadmap that includes the proposal of strategic priorities and anchor projects, as well as an implementation plan and budget. The roadmap is based on an understanding of what makes the Johannesburg Inner City competitive and attractive to private enterprises across the size and formality spectrum.


A Roadmap that shifts the approach to economic development and investment and the role of the City.