Financing instruments for water, food and energy

Realized in Kenya

Financing instruments for water, food and energy

Supporting GIZ with the development of a financing strategy for their Water, Food and Energy (WEF) Nexus projects.

The challenge

How do we create a sustainable and effective balance in the global water, energy and food sectors to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? We aim to identify suitable financing instruments to realize this integrative and intersectoral approach.

The approach

Rebel has taken up the challenge to come up with solutions for the complex, intersectoral financing challenges of a range of projects in the Global South. We will analyze WEF Nexus secretariat’s water, food and energy portfolio. Based upon variables like ticket size, earning potential and risk profile we will identify suitable financing instruments.

For each individual project, we also define the next steps that should ultimately lead to reaching bankability and financial close.


80+ projects in the water, food and energy sector are a step closer towards implementation.