Financial adviser for the privatization of Komodo Airport

Realized in Indonesia

Financial adviser for the privatization of Komodo Airport

Supporting a private consortium of French and Indonesian operators and contractors in preparing and submitting a bid for the concession of Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo.

The challenge

Indonesia has an ambitious PPP program to bring well-needed capital in its infrastructure. However, the country has made slow progress in creating a consistent pipeline with the national airport sector dominated by SOEs, creating additional challenges for international operators to have a competitive position.

The approach

The consortium appointed Rebel to act as financial adviser and lead the preparation of the financial bid by fronting the coordination process with prospective lenders. The core output of our contribution is the preparation of a highly detailed financial bid model, quantifying all critical investments metrics for the sponsors and setting the bid price of the consortium in the competitive tender process (with 4 prequalified competitors).

We formulated a bid strategy that focused on addressing the high expectations of the authority in receiving concession fees while the consortium had to perform sizable upfront investments.


Financial advisory and coordination of all workstreams to optimize the bid strategy for the airport.