Evaluation of African Development Bank’s utilisation of PPP

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Evaluation of African Development Bank’s utilisation of PPP

Advising the Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV) of the African Development Bank (AFDB) for an evaluation of its PPP interventions during 2006-2017, to guide the future PPP strategy of the bank.

The challenge

AFDB had undertaken several PPP operations in the continent during the review period. These included both upstream (supporting development of PPP laws and units) and downstream (project finance loans and guarantees). The bank intended to identify lessons and mistakes from its own experience to shape its future PPP strategy.

The approach

The evaluation was based on the OECD DAC framework for development evaluation. The evaluation was strengthened by triangulated evidence-based development results, incorporating feedback and results from beneficiary governments, co-financers, bank staff and the overall international development community.

The results were presented to the bank management, along with recommendations on how the bank’s role in the PPP space could be enhanced. Our work formed the basis for PPP Strategy of the Bank, which incidentally is being supported by Rebel as well.


Helping the African Development Bank bridge the infrastructure investment gap in the continent.