Economic impact on Groningen Airport Eelde

Realized in The Netherlands

Economic impact on Groningen Airport Eelde

Due to disappointing results, Groningen Airport Eelde is facing an uncertain future. Closing the airport, however, will cause substantial economic damage.

The challenge

Closing Groningen Airport Eelde could have many adverse effects, but the likelihood of this occurring and the magnitude of the resulting effects are somewhat uncertain.

The Approach

The study was divided into two parts: the direct financial loss (‘cash out’) and the economic value that would be lost due to the closure of the airport. By holding discussions with both the organisation responsible for the airport and the key users, and by reading previous studies, we gained a clear idea of the potential financial and economic impact.

Rebel distinguished between quantifiable effects and those that could only be described verbally. We also made our own assessment of the likelihood that certain future effects would occur.


We benefited the shareholders by contributing factual and objective information to the discussion about the future of Groningen Airport Eelde.