Climate Adaptation Strategy for a former mining area in Western Germany

Realized in Germany

The Rhenish mining area (“Rheinisches Revier”, a former mining area in Western Germany) is facing the fundamental challenge of structural change. At the same time, it needs to prepare for the impacts of climate change, which are already present.


We accompany the transformation process of the region with the development of a climate adaptation strategy. Doing so, we focus on creating synergies between structural change and climate adaptation


Within the framework of a participatory process, the cities, and districts as well as various public and private organizations from the region are involved in the development of the strategy.


The project plan is divided into 3 phases: 1) an inventory of the climate challenges, 2) an analysis phase for different sectors and 3) a conception phase in which adaptation interventions for the region are to be developed and implemented.


Development of a tailor-made climate adaptation strategy based on local conditions and needs of regional actors.

The experience of a Rebel

A motivating project

"Working on the project, it is motivating to see how the combination of structural change and climate change mitigation can create synergies and turn challenges into opportunities."
Roxana Leitold