Action plan for investing in Dutch drinking water

Realized in The Netherlands

Action plan for investing in Dutch drinking water

Vitens – the Netherlands' largest drinking water company – prepares an annual investment plan (IP) with a 10-year outlook for the entire area. The IP determines both the investment requirement and the financing requirement, and therefore has to reflect a reliable estimate.

The Challenge

Based on Rebel’s previous review of the way in which the IP is prepared, Vitens engaged us to improve the quality of the IP and optimise the preparation process.

The approach

Rebel mapped out the IP preparation process and determined where improvements could be made. We worked together to establish the goal of ensuring that the IP to be drafted in 2023 will be of ‘auditable’ quality. We worked with the Vitens team to define the concrete steps needed to achieve this goal in terms of the IP drafting process, asset management system maturity, and the cost expertise and unit pricing. We then worked to implement the steps, while also ensuring board and management support for the improvement process. At the conclusion of this assignment, we prepared clear roadmaps setting out the activities for the coming year for all work flows.

An essential aspect was the rapid creation of an effective collaboration with the Vitens team. We also developed coaching so that the team could move forward independently. Our main priority was to gain support from employees, management and the board, along with active cooperation in securing the change objectives at the organisational level as well. We committed to enabling Vitens to implement the improvement programme independently as soon as possible.


Improvement and professionalisation of the Vitens investment plan, its preparation process, and the organisation and its employees.

The experience of a Rebel

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