Circular Dutch hub around LA Olympic & Paralympic Games

Realisiert in The Netherlands

Take the Team NL House and add to that the Dutch pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai, but even bigger and with more impact. This is how you start to get an idea of NL Expo // LA28. Rebel has turned the vision behind this initiative into a concrete business plan

The challenge

With a broad vision as a starting point, Rebel worked out all the details for NL Expo // LA28: from location, design and content programming to finance and governance. By speaking extensively with public and private stakeholders, and immersing ourselves in the local setting, we created the design and technical elaboration of the pavilion, as well as the financial picture. In addition, Rebel provided concrete insight into what added value NL Expo // LA28 has for stakeholders, and how they can participate. In this way we were able to capture a complex whole in one coherent business plan.

The approach

We started by drawing lessons from case studies on the Team NL House and the World Expo contribution in Dubai. We also conducted about 15 interviews with key stakeholders to test their expectations at the NL Expo // LA28. During a sports trade mission to Los Angeles in October 2023, we learned more about the city, the upcoming Games there, and Dutch entrepreneurs interest in the local market.

These insights were converted into an initial content concept for NL Expo // LA28. With which was drawn (by creative agency TWOFIFTYK) and calculated (by Rebel). Throughout the process, we continuously consulted with the initiators – Reinout Oerlemans (honorary consul LA), Peter Post (NBSO LA) and Ruben Dubelaar (GreenWave) – about the thrust of the business plan.

The experience of a Rebel

An exciting plan to work on

"Great to be able to think and work with you on this plan. If we will soon succeed in getting enough investors excited about this, we can really achieve something big as a small country!"
Radboud Koning


We have laid the foundation for an innovative and circular hub, with which the Netherlands can firmly establish itself internationally.