Rebel Junior Academy

The Rebel Junior Academy wants to help children broaden their horizon and make the most of their talents.

Talented children deserve opportunities
We took it for granted that all children have equal opportunities when it comes to education. When we found this isn’t exactly the case we wondered why that is. In the Netherlands, and that includes Rotterdam, lots of children aren’t really given an opportunity to develop their talents. They rarely access the highest level of Dutch secondary education (VWO), even though they are capable of succeeding at that level. Children from a non-Dutch background sometimes lack parental support while others aren’t encouraged simply because they are the first members of the family to have this level of education within reach.

The Rebel Junior Acadamy stimulates students…
We felt that all this talent shouldn’t go to waste and fortunately we weren’t alone in thinking so. In September 2012 we joined forces with the Emmaus school in Rotterdam and the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Schiedam and established the Rebel Junior Academy. It gives talented children whose background means they wouldn’t automatically gain access to the highest level of education a chance to broaden their horizon, right here at Rebel’s Rotterdam office. The emphasis is on language but general knowledge and independent thinking are also very much part of the curriculum. In September 2013 students from several schools from Rotterdam Zuid – de Nelson Mandelaschool, de Da Costaschool and de Globetrotter – also joined our Junior Academy.

…and hopefully inspires other (Rotterdam-based) companies
The programme has been a success so far: the students feel at ease and are happy to learn while the advisors learn to think out of the box. We think that the concept of a Junior Academy can be made to work for many companies. Rebel wants to help them establish their own academy and is happy to share its knowledge and experiences.