Ensuring everything runs smoothly at the interface of infrastructure and all that moves. Starting from service provision instead of viewing it as an obstacle. We see this as the main challenge facing the transportation world.

An ever changing transport world
Ever more market players in the transport sector are returning to what they see as their core competencies: achieving transport performance, maintaining infrastructure and keeping the trains running. Consequently they are losing sight of toilets in the rolling stock, the user of the infrastructure and providing mobility. By doing this they are ignoring an important and complex part of the transport sector namely to provide system-wide service by having a good and sophisticated transport plan, the right infrastructure and the most suitable vehicles.

Rebel sees an integrated approach not only as a challenge but as the only true solution
To meet system-wide demand, you need an integrated solution. That is why Rebel provides advice and support to many aspects of the infrastructure/mobility interface. With a holistic approach encompassing the entire lifecycle: from the initial idea of a new transport system or implementation of new rolling stock right up to optimising the maintenance of one component of the infrastructure. This makes possessing outstanding expertise in different fields a must. Rebel has this economic, legal and technical expertise in-house and works internationally with public, semi-public and private parties. In addition, our international experience also serves local and small projects.

Market players in transportation who always think integrally
Our specialisation covers a range of sectors from road, water and rail transport to high-speed lines, high-capacity metro systems, trams and light-rail, and everything that these entail. We work together to create smart mobility solutions through e-ticketing, automated fare collection and intelligent transportation systems. We support the sector by approaching issues which arise in an integrated manner. Seeking solutions side by side in this complex arena is what Rebel does best: together caring for a better world.