Keeping people moving is a challenge that Rebel is happy to meet.

Focus on mobility
As populations increase and cities develop, the need for mobility grows ever daunting. The challenge to maintain accessibility by keeping traffic moving and transport links open is a difficult one. There are many parties involved and this makes for a complex decision making process. There is the government as the infrastructure provider, lawmaker and one of the public transport paymasters on the one hand and private parties such as public transport companies and goods transport companies on the other. And, last but not least, there is the public with its ongoing need for mobility.

Rebel’s integral solutions
Our public-private partnership expertise makes it possible for us to come up with integral solutions that serve the interests of all parties concerned. At the same time, we are working towards a mobility sector which is not only clean and safe but also competitive and viable. Our approach is one of good financial economic sense. Our strong suit is the efficient management of innovative public procurement cases, such as the regional tramway projects in Groningen and Nijmegen, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) concession in Tanzania and the interoperable automated fare collection system in Manila, Philippines. These projects were pursued through optimal risk sharing between public and private parties.

At the same time we do not shy away from advising of specifying innovative smart mobility solutions, turning the complex tendency to integrate payments, ticketing and id-based services to the benefit of the mobility market. We also look at the market as a whole and introduce market forces where necessary, always with a solid base in fact. For Randstadnet 2028, for instance, we assessed the financial consequences, costing options and finance arrangements of their vision and ambitions for the public transport network. In other words: how much and who is paying. This approach resulted in a unique positive bid to government for the fare collection system in Manila.

Innovative implementation tools
We also evaluate important infrastructure and mobility projects, such as the Betuwe freight rail service route and bids for the nationwide interoperable contactless e-ticketing system. On the basis of the evaluation results we advise public parties on future policy and better ways of implementing new projects. The search for innovative and unconventional solutions is ongoing at Rebel. Innovative contracts, new control models, different reward systems and finance solutions plus tailor-made organisational structures, all these carry the distinctive Rebel stamp. We are proud of them. After all, we like to keep moving ourselves.