We want to be at the forefront of the move towards sustainable energy. It’s an exciting challenge. And challenges give us energy.

Sustainable energy initiatives
Climate change related problems, finite fossil fuels and difficult relations between countries with and without energy sources are forcing us to think about the need of proper energy management. Sustainable energy policies are proving difficult to achieve, however. The private sector usually focuses on the technical side of things while  public authorities fail to implement consistent market boosting policies. Investors, meanwhile, seem interested but are reluctant to move forward without public authority support. Substantial investments in off shore wind farms have been slow to materialise because, instead of working together, the parties seem to be making things more difficult for each other.

Break the impasse
Rebel wants to break the impasse and help the parties involved make sustainable energy projects happen. How? By using public-private partnerships, clever ways of financing and taking the social benefits into account. Sustainable energy and innovation generate new jobs for Rebels as well. We explored participation mechanisms which stimulated local people’s involvement in energy projects for REShare, for example. We also devised cooperation arrangements and delivered social cost-benefit analyses and sustainable business cases.

Change long overdue
We believe that the change to sustainable energy is not a luxury but a necessity. We can make this change in a professional, commercial manner, by assessing the risks and by seeing to it that all parties involved keep to their designated roles. We need partnerships capable of taking decisive action, sooner rather than later.