The present education system can be made to function better and more efficiently. Rebel looks at it from a financial economic point of view and provides fresh alternatives.

Good and accessible education is important, for individuals and for the country as a whole. Adequate accommodation is a part of good education but unfortunately cost is proving to be a formidable obstacle at the present time. Existing school buildings often have insufficient climate control and the integration of primary education and child care is not coming off the ground for lack of new builds. On average new builds take around seven years to realise. Rebel feels it’s time for a fresh alternative. As far as we’re concerned the whole system should be put out with the rubbish. Tinkering with existing buildings is a waste of time. We would like to introduce a whole new way of thinking about educational architecture, with a focus on the people who will be using the buildings and on bringing parties together who will put the diminishing means at our disposal to as good a use as possible in the service of good quality schools for children and parents.

Rebel looks in from the outside
As a relative unknown in the world of education, Rebel sees things with new eyes. And coming from a  financial economic background, our perspective is different too. It’s our contribution to achieving appropriate new builds for schools. One of our projects was to look into the added value of a special investment fund in which pension funds, for instance, would invest in school buildings. We also work with local authorities and school boards who have entered into a public-private partnership to realise innovative school buildings. Rebel manages the public procurement process, from the earliest plan to the final signing of the contract. A good practice example of this is the PPP project for the Ilamiyya school in the Maldives.

Social effects
Our financial economic outlook does not mean we are only interested in the short term. Investing in the future means taking into account long term social effects as well. And that is important, especially in education.

Project selection

Devising a School Buildings Investment Fund

Client: Ministry of Education, Culture and Science