Automated fare collection

Automated fare and toll collection in mass-transit takes place on the crossroads of cutting-edge technology and public policy. Rebel helps clients to take maximum advantage of integrated fare collection, ID-based services and payment services to provide the best affordability and an effortless user experience in the face of declining public sector investments in mass-transit.

An expensive and complex factor in mass-transit?
E-ticketing, toll and fare collection are just a few aspects of mass-transit service provision. But they are key. They touch the heart of the transit user experience, be it on a toll-road, on a bus or BRT, in a metro, light rail or train. To the majority of public transport operators and authorities however, automated fare collection appear as a complex and expensive domain without significant overlap with their core services.

We at Rebel do not see fare collection as a complex and necessary evil, but as an integral part of the door-to-door travel experience. In our view the private sector can leverage on the public sector-driven development of contactless media environments by connecting those very closely to commercial opportunities – which in turn will drive down the cost of ticketing as a share of fare box revenue.

Our aim is to unite public and private sector initiative to contribute to social inclusion, improved user experience and decreasing fares whilst providing the private sector with feasible and attractive propositions.

Rebel untangles complexity through focus on user experience
Rebel has an unconventional approach: we believe that an optimal user experience is key to the long-term success and financial viability of the system. Once we have determined and agreed how the system should work from the perspective of the consumer, taking the local context and state-of-the-art technology into account, we take the integrated Rebel approach.

This approach is one of optimal risk sharing between public and private sector, good financial economic sense and a bit of rebellious bluntness at times. Our methods to further untangle the complexity are through identification of stakeholder’s objectives and allocation of the right incentives to stakeholders; setting up a governance model and ensuring the openness of the fare or toll collection system through open specifications where necessary.

Integral approach to the benefit of all
Through our integral approach, we can ensure that nothing falls between the cracks and that the client can rely on us. Furthermore, we have strong relations with major and relevant AFCS suppliers without being married to any one of them. This allows us to devise a transparent procurement strategy and stick to it. Since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, we invest in our advisory projects and carry part of the risk whenever possible – and we try to stick with the client to implement the project.