Project development

Project development the Rebel way means making a difference.

Role mediator
Simply mediating between people looking for capital and people who can provide it is no longer the way to go during a banking crisis such as we are experiencing. As financial economics experts we have been monitoring this change closely and we think it is time for a new mediation role, one that takes in investment and project realisation as well.

Rebel project development: advise, invest and realise
Rebel likes to think of itself as an inclusive project developer rather than the traditional project developer associated with real estate. We link up the three points of the triangle: advice, investment and the realisation of project. We act as an intermediary in a multi stakeholder environment and manage the entire process, from putting together a business case to organising funding, and from organisational development to market introduction. This what we did in Indonesia and Vietnam, where we developed a business case for investment in water provision. We also we developed a business case for real estate investment in Albania and in Thailand we developed an optimum execution variant for road building projects.

No change without a Rebel
A good project developer is pro-active. He/She takes risks and spots opportunities. At Rebel, we are prepared to commit to a project wholeheartedly, taking the rough with the smooth. This makes us reliable partners for the other shareholders. We think it is inspiring to advise, invest and realise. We also think that’s what is needed. It’s the great strides we are interested in, towards changes that matter. They may not always be the most popular ones but that is part of the process. We are not a political party and we don’t want to be. We do want to be a party in a partnership which initiates positive change. It’s not for nothing that our slogan is ‘No change without a Rebel'.