Procurement & implementation

There are some purchases which you don’t make very often. For instance buying a house or a car. In business however, this may involve a new fleet of ships, trains or a sluice gate. Rebel acts as a partner in both economic and funding issues in the procurement of these 'assets', as well as the more technical aspects to this type of procurement and implementation.

Major procurements are a major challenge
Purchasing a large number of, or major, assets is by no means a simple matter, and it is one which often requires organizational change. The new assets must be tested and certified: in a complex environment interconnected with many other systems. New staff needs to be taken on and existing staff trained; while ideally production may not be hampered.

Risks are there to be controlled
Rebel supervises and advises during such changes, or actively participates in the project. We often find that the focus lies solely on the procurement, while it is essential to consider the usage right from the word go: “start with the end in mind”. Rebel has years of experience in the supervision of procurement and implementation and knows all the risks. And these are manifold in the procurement and implementation of major assets, including punctuality and quality issues. Subsequently legal, financial and technical matter scan be anticipated in advance. But unexpected situations also need to be tackled, with the least possible risk to the project and the parties involved. The active role that Rebel is able and willing to play is to be proactive and stay ahead of the risks. We do this using systems thinking: ensuring integration with the surroundings from conception to implementation.

Remaining active, even after delivery
And we're not done yet. Even though the new infrastructure is in place, the new power plant or the new fleet of buses supplied, the project is only truly complete once everything is up and running and working perfectly. Then it is also about building experience through regular maintenance and getting to know the unique characteristics of the assets. Whether this succeeds or fails depends often on the implementation of good asset management before the assets are supplied and in use. Rebel also supervises and advises in this process, to ensure that each new asset is fully operational and is functioning optimally.