We like to find the money for a worthwhile project. We’re good at it, too. At Rebel, we think financing is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Financing hurdles
Among the many changes the financial crisis has brought funding is one of the most pressing:  financing for organisations or projects, especially long-term infrastructure projects or healthcare new builds, is becoming increasingly difficult. It is time to find new ways of funding and initiate innovative partnerships and organisational structures, involving both the public and private sectors.

Rebel is multi-lingual
At Rebel, we speak the language of those who are looking for funding and those who provide it. That is why we can play a valuable role in procuring the kind of funding which not only fits in with the principles of a project or organisation but also takes decreased liquidity into account. We optimise, structure and arrange funding, close to home or abroad. Projects include the second Coen Tunnel, the A15 Vaanplein in the Netherlands and BAM PLC in Belgium, as well as the construction of a toll road in Thailand, a new hospital in the Maldives and the corporate debt restructuring of the Saint Kitts harbour authorities. Finding the right kind of funding for a project or organisation creates value for money. A proper risk assessment ensuring risk control will make a project an attractive finance proposition for a bank.

The big picture
Our strength lies in bringing together the parties involved - financiers and project or organisation planners, contractors or providers - in the most effective partnerships. Rebel provides quick scans, risk analyses, funding models and strategies and business cases, both for project funding and going-concern financing. We develop a business plan which is realistic and mindful of the aims of a project or organisation. What we do not want to do is create false expectations. That is why we make it our business to know exactly what kind of organisation or project we are dealing with. And when giving advice is not enough we get involved ourselves.