energy strategy and policy, and the translation towards concrete actions

Governments and businesses are committed to shaping the energy transition together. From local municipalities to the national government, there is a public task to create the conditions in which everyone can become more sustainable.

In short

Citizens should not be left out in the cold. Everyone must have the opportunity to become more sustainable and everyone should be able to reap the benefits of sustainable projects in their immediate surroundings. Moreover, governments still have to realize this transition when it comes to their activities (buildings, terrains, operations).

Fortunately, the energy transition is being embraced more and more by the business community. Companies – whether they are active in the energy transition or only indirectly affected by it – increasingly see the necessity and the opportunities that the energy transition offers. Whether it concerns the earning potential of the energy transition, the social added value it can offer (e.g. a more sustainable image or good employer practices) or anticipating the bottlenecks in business operations (costs, security of supply, expansion options). Ultimately, the energy transition affects us all.

Rebel helps with advice, implementation, and realization across the full spectrum of the energy transition. Whether it concerns a long-term strategy or solving specific dilemmas. Below, you find a selection of the questions that we like to solve for and with you.

Exploring and substantiating: putting flesh on the bones of the energy transition

The energy transition is comprehensive and complex. Therefore, it is not always so simple to determine what you can or should do yourself. As a local government, should you take control or even invest in the energy transition? Or should you primarily create good conditions for companies and institutions? As a national government, should you prescribe the ‘how’ or should you leave this to the market with the right incentives? How can I best use my position as a contracting authority, concession provider, licensing authority or enforcement agency to realize ‘Paris’? What long-term strategy do I use as a company to take social responsibility, reduce vulnerability to high energy costs and keep my company afloat in a competitive environment?

Rebel can help with this search and translate it concretely into policy, a tender strategy, or a business plan. We help governments find maximum social value and translate this into concrete actions. In our opinion, the energy transition is not isolated. The connection with and dependence on other (sustainable) themes such as the circular economy, flora and fauna and social values is large. We bring an integrated approach where necessary, but at the same time we realize all too well that the energy transition in itself is complex enough. We help companies with their business strategy and identifying the benefits (financial and social) and risks involved. We also assist them in translating their strategy and operations into concrete tender bids, propositions, and financing applications.


Funding and financing: maximum social and financial return

Rebel supports various governments (from municipalities to EU) and companies (from SMEs to multinationals) with the use of smart financial instruments to achieve policy objectives in the energy realm. We have set up revolving funds for the government (including the national heating fund), for provinces and municipalities (20+ projects), from which billions have been invested in energy savings, sustainable generation, and related innovations. We can help with the upfront considerations (Do I want a fund? Is a fund the best instrument? Where do the resources come from? How does this work?), but also recalibrate or evaluate instruments. Many funds that we have set up are currently co-financed with private or European money. We do not focus blindly on the fund instrument itself but compare it with alternative instruments such as subsidy structures or legal obligations.

Participation: let everyone reap the benefits

Although the energy transition may currently be a financially interesting proposition, this does not automatically mean that everyone can benefit from it. We help shape various forms of participation to ensure that everyone in the vicinity of, for example, a wind or solar park can benefit and not only experience the burden. We do this for everyone: not just for the ‘happy few’ who can easily afford it. We create balance by not only focusing on actual ownership, but also ensuring that everyone can benefit in the form of investments in the vicinity, investments in energy savings or by contributing to the approach to combatting energy poverty. We look back with pride on projects where a fair distribution was achieved between developers, cooperatives, and citizens. We make commercialism, social objectives, support and financeability concrete.

Realization: actions, not words

Exploring, inventing, and dreaming is allowed, but ultimately the energy transition must also be realized. Rebel can provide complete financial support up to and including realization of the project: developing business cases, setting milestones, applying for subsidies, public financing, bank financing, insight into risks, agreements with suppliers, specifying output. We take short-term steps based on a long-term strategy. Doing so, we create projects that can be looked at with pride: both from a social and financial perspective.


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