Researching the potential of hydrogen economy Prignitz-Oberhavel

Realized in Germany

We help municipalities understand their potential in producing and using green hydrogen.


The Region Prignitz-Oberhavel is characterized by large amounts of Renewable Energy production. However, a considerable portion of the energy consumption within the region still relies on fossil fuels. Our client desires to know how hydrogen can aid in decarbonizing their economy and contributing to their climate goals, as well as what factors are impeding its progress.


Together with the Reiner Lemoine Institute we derive the different trends in the hydrogen sector, existing relevant obstacles and what could be done in the region to overcome them. This is informed by desk research and interviews with relevant companies working in hydrogen, as well as the possible off-takers in the areas.


Further, we calculate how much unused Renewable Energy exists in the region, how much hydrogen could be produced, what potential benefits for decarbonization efforts and the economy overall it could provide. Based on the analyses, existing legal framework, and funding programs in the area we propose multiple, different projects for the application of hydrogen in the area.


We developed concrete first-project ideas for the stakeholders in the region to develop further.

The experience of a Rebel

An interesting new development

"It was interesting to see what potential the region has and to work with the local stakeholders on how to overcome the obstacles and develop first project ideas."
Economic Consultant
Malte Schlossmacher