active mobility & road safety

Active mobility not only makes us more fit and healthy, but it is also clean and space-efficient. All non-motorised forms of transport contribute to a better world. We want to encourage them on all sides. To make our cities ready for it, we put energy into road safety. We conduct thorough research, come up with complete advice, support your project and create striking business cases.

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Safe, healthy and green

Seeking active mobility is only truly encouraged if it is safe on the road. That is why we advise national and local governments and developers on active mobility and road safety. We make and evaluate policy on active mobility and road safety and implement it. We draw up programmes of requirements for area developments, putting people first. And we develop methodologies and instruments to map road safety and make more room for active mobility.

We do not shy away from challenges, but rather tackle them. We get excited by issues such as: How do you design urban areas from people’s point of view, not cars? How do you cleverly deal with limited space? How do you link space for active mobility to space for green, densification and energy transition? Who is responsible for walking and cycling policy? How to finance walking and cycling infrastructure? As a government, how do you steer active mobility and road safety in area developments and ensure the right preconditions? We connect to your issue.


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