About Gert-Jan Fernhout

I am in my element when I have the chance to channel the Rebels’ expertise and creativity, amplifying their impact by achieving concrete results with our clients.

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In brief

I am a creative and content-driven all-rounder with a strong sense of purpose, at my best in situations where conflicts of interest or an imbalance in personal interaction are standing in the way of progress. With my background in public administration and social psychology, I can draw on extensive financial and legal resources, combined with a keen insight into what makes people tick. I work mainly for government bodies and healthcare institutions, operating as project leader in complex and innovative projects, negotiator to bring people together or coach in an organizational setting.


I would love to apply my talents even more extensively in the role of quartermaster or crisis manager. Besides all this, I get to pour my entrepreneurial energies into guiding and setting up new companies. This includes Rebel itself, our activities in care, welfare and urban development, and SpringCo, a Rebel affiliate which harnesses data assets to predict people’s behavior.

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