Testing grounds for regreening Flanders

Realized in Belgium

Testing grounds for regreening Flanders

To encourage local regreening projects of municipalities, schools and nature associations testing grounds are pragmatically accompanied by financial knowhow and feasibility analyses.

The challenge

A pool of experts have to coach the stakeholders of selected regreening projects in order to avoid systemic pitfalls, such as a lack of support, of time, of knowledge, of financing.

The Approach

Rebel actively supports individual initiatives within the regreening program of the Flemish government and publishes its experiences and lessons learnt in summarizing workbooks to be used by the other and the future regreening project managers. Rebel focuses on the financial aspects and on the schools. A final intervention is the financial guidance of local authorities and the Re-Move-project, to regreen local roads. 

The development of a tool to determine the global and financial costs and benefits on the long term helps local decision makers to analyze and motivate their regreening decisions and ambitions.


Supporting the regreening of Flanders.

The experience of a Rebel

Exciting project with a huge impact

“The growing popularity of the regreening concept doesn’t guarantee a sense of urgency. We need an global upscaling instead of separate initiatives, a collective effort to multiply the climate effects and the ecological gains. That’s what we miss today, that’s what we aspire from today on.”
Former Rebel
Filip Canfyn