Rebel book Challenge Your Professional Life published

Realized in The Netherlands

Rebel book Challenge Your Professional Life published

Is corporate rebellion an oxymoron? Together with MENDO, Rebel has published a coffee table book! Using the office as a starting point – a symbol of the conventional, predictable, and entrenched – former, present, and future Rebels examine the concept of rebellion in this book.

The challenge:

The theme for the Dutch Book Week was announced: rebels & radical thinkers. This meant that Rebel’s very first book had to go from concept to print in less than two months. Rebellion in the broadest sense of the word – the theme of this year’s Book Week was right up our alley.

The approach

We quickly put together a team of highly motivated Rebels, joined forces with a graphic design agency and bookstore MENDO, and got to work right away. We began by exploring the idea of rebellion in the workplace. At Rebel, we initiate and realize our own projects and make an impact as consultants and investors. We consciously opt to have a non-conventional organizational structure. Some of our Rebels like this structure, but others sometimes have their doubts about how effective it is.

So we decided to treat our own organization as a case study and started talking – with both former and current Rebels, with our partners, and with our clients. We hired a team of freelance creatives to conduct interviews, design images, and supervise the process in collaboration with our own teams.

This break-neck creative process produced a book that is true to the Rebel spirit: no one is spared our critical gaze, least of all ourselves. The book poses open questions that may raise new queries in the reader’s mind. By doing this, we want to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and non-traditional solutions. After all, the workplace can be playground, but only if you treat it like one – a place for experimentation and productive collaborations.

This book offers case studies, tools, and inspiration to help you approach your workplace from a fresh perspective. For those who are brave enough (or crazy enough) to believe in the possibility of radical change: we invite you to become the rebellious leaders and entrepreneurs your organization and the rest of the world have been waiting for. Check out the campaign page: Challenge Your Professional Life: No Change Without A Rebel.


Publication of a book that helps you rethink the workplace and encourages rebellious leaders (to be).