More efficient use of inland craft in Port of Amsterdam

Realized in The Netherlands

More efficient use of inland craft in Port of Amsterdam

Rebel supported a real estate company in exploring options for raising the port commitment of current and future Atlaspark tenants. To this end, we developed a business case to demonstrate the feasibility of inland shipping.


The client, Delin Property real estate company, intends to expand its relationship with the Amsterdam Port Authority and enter into a dialogue on gradually raising commitment to the port among its current and future tenants. To this end, Delin Property aims to proactively work out business cases in order to gain insight into the options for enhancing port commitment among its tenants.

The Approach

Within the context of its consultancy work, Rebel set up an overall logistics cost calculator for the proactive elaboration of business cases for various types of Delin tenants. The cost calculator was intended to demonstrate the feasibility of increasing the water-bound delivery and/or removal of maritime container flows by developing an inland shipping solution between the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The overall logistics cost calculator analyses the cost price, the lead time, and the sustainability. The single-mode road transportation solution served as a benchmark.

The market data for the model was retrieved through in-depth interviews with several private sector parties (tenants and multi-mode transportation providers active in, inter alia, the port of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Port Authority).

The result is a pitch featuring opportunities and recommendations aimed at a range of clients, which can be used for commercial purposes, and an overview of opportunities for the Amsterdam Port Authority to continue to foster multi-mode transportation.

Conducting this study and explaining the results to the Amsterdam Port Authority enabled Delin to enhance its relationship with the port authority. The Amsterdam Port Authority was pleasantly surprised by the way in which the study was conducted and provided them with good insights into Amsterdam’s proposition regarding transport by water. Consequently, the port authority is eager to follow this up and take the next steps.


A strong pitch to further promote transportation by water to Amsterdam.