Improving the quality of medical laboratory and dialysis services

Realized in Kyrgyz Republic

Improving the quality of medical laboratory and dialysis services

The Kyrgyz health sector and hospitals urgently require improvement and modernization. Under the Kyrgyz Government’s new PPP program, the Ministry of Health identified the establishment of modern medical laboratories for its public hospitals, and new dialysis facilities and services as priority projects. Rebel helped to structure and successfully procure these pioneering PPP transactions.

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The challenge

The Ministry of Health is pursuing two new initiatives simultaneously, establishing a centralized PPP laboratory network in Bishkek, and transferring part of the public dialysis provision to private providers. Being the first PPP project in the country, these projects were used to test and improve the new PPP law and framework. While conducting the due diligence, many legal, technical and financial challenges were found that threatened successful transaction of the projects.

The approach

While conducting the feasibility studies, it was crucial for us to understand the local context, conduct sessions with international and local medical workers, to understand how the current service delivery can be improved. Besides the ambition to achieve the objectives defined by the client, our goal was to make sure that patients living in remote areas would be able to afford and access improved medical services.

We introduced a number of innovations in the structuring of these projects. These innovations strengthened the commercial viability of the projects for private companies, while also ensuring better value for both hospitals and patients. Our deep knowledge of the industry and careful market testing were essential parts for the success of the deal.


Closing of the first privately financed social infrastructure PPP project in Central Asia.