Economic impact and business models for an Urban Arts Center

Realized in Germany

Economic impact and business models for an Urban Arts Center

We've developed governance/business models, a first business case and an economic analysis for the establishment of an Urban Arts Center in the Ruhrgebiet, Germany.

The Challenge

The Ruhrgebiet in Germany, a former coal region, is currently undergoing structural transformation. By establishing an Urban Arts Center, the city of Herne aims to accomplish two goals simultaneously: Revitalization of the local economy and professionalization of the Urban Arts, with their long-standing roots in the region, both also stimulating job generation.

The Approach

Based on desk research, workshops and economic assessments, we developed a first business case for the Urban Arts Center Ruhr (UACR). We further identified possible governance/business models, which we discussed and scored in an expert workshop to identify the most suitable model for the specific case.

As our tasks also included the assessment of the wider economic effects that the Urban Arts Center might have on the region, we developed a qualitative impact model and quantified the major direct and indirect job market effects with input-output tables.


Moving the Urban Arts Center forward by establishing first economic and financial insights.

The experience of a Rebel

Exciting project with a huge impact

"Working on the project, it was inspiring to see which role local culture, in that case Urban Arts, can play in opening up new economic perspectives for a region affected by structural change."
Laura Röntgen