Creating a new payment environment for metro transit in Manila

Realized in Philippines

Creating a new payment environment for metro transit in Manila

Metro transit in Manila was troubled by an inefficient and non-integrated fare collection system. Rebel was able to help turn this around by supporting the creation of a new payment system.

The challenge

A contactless automated fare collection system (AFCS) was a new concept for the Philippines, as people were very much used to magnetic ‘swipe’ cards. With that, the main challenge was implementing an entirely new and integrated system to three separate rail lines.

The approach

Rebel carried out a feasibility study describing how an integrated smart card system could help achieving the goals of the government.

Building on the Dutch practice of a nationwide integrated smart card, and on international best practices, we proposed and then helped implement a new fare collection system that reduced the cost of fare collection to the public transport operators.

Not only did we support the tender and contracting proceedings, we remained at the side of our clients to provide contract implementation support – ensuring full and successful implementation of the new system. One card can now be used not only for transit, but also for retail transactions. Due to the commercial value of these transactions, ticketing has become a revenue to government instead of a cost.


Commuters can now use a single card for all rail lines, selected bus routes and retail transactions.