Business cases and real estate strategy for Cordaan

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Business cases and real estate strategy for Cordaan

Care for the elderly and the disabled is evolving at an astounding pace. The government’s inability to cover costs has combined with changing client needs to necessitate a new approach to this type of care.

The challenge

Cordaan, a major healthcare provider in Amsterdam, wanted to develop a future-proof approach for its real estate and organizational strategy. At the same time, it wanted to maintain a healthy financial balance. As a care provider, how do you go about reconfiguring your perspective on organization and real estate without sacrificing financial stability?

The approach

Rebel worked with multidisciplinary teams to draw up business cases for each location. Business cases that pinpointed the exact needs of Cordaan’s clients in the years ahead, the best way to help these clients, what Cordaan had to do to achieve this and what the financial impact would be. For each plan, Rebel also looked at the effect of the transformation not being implemented. This allowed Cordaan to oversee the consequences of its choices and take integral decisions. In order to weave the methodology throughout the fabric of the organization, we developed training courses for managers and financials from every division.

This enabled Cordaan to apply our business-case method across its investment spectrum. Alongside plans for the specific locations, Cordaan’s directors also wanted to ensure sufficient capacity to accommodate all clients while these large-scale transformations were ongoing. Moreover, the investments could not be allowed to impact on Cordaan’s financial health. By collaborating on a range of scenarios, the Cordaan/Rebel team clarified the various routes available to Cordaan and the results and risks it could expect to encounter.

The experiences of a Rebel

supporting the decision-making

"Cordaan implemented business cases as the foundation of their decision-making, and we supported them in doing just that."
Barend van Lieshout


Far-reaching transformation to make Cordaan ready for the future.