About Victoria Racciatti

I am a Rebel on a mission: to spark innovative thinking, to chase a sustainable and inclusive future, and to reshape our world for the better.

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In brief

With a fervent dedication to reshaping the world into a more sustainable, equitable, and socially conscious place, I thrive at the intersection of finance and impact.

Drawing from my background as a lawyer and development finance specialist, I bring a unique perspective to my work. My primary focus lies around empowering Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and fostering financial inclusivity, with a particular affinity for agrifood-related initiatives. Within these domains, I ensure every project I undertake is aligned to instigate lasting change and stimulate growth in underserved communities.

My main skills lie in crafting visionary financial strategies that bridge the gap between finance and impact, delivering tangible social, environmental and economic results. By leveraging my legal and policy acumen, I navigate complex regulatory landscapes to engineer sustainable financial solutions. I thrive on challenges that demand holistic thinking, analytical rigor, and an understanding of global landscapes.

My ideal work environment spans the globe, encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration, and shares a collective commitment to driving sustainable change.