About Jette Van Muylder

In my professional career, I mainly focus on the fields of urban logistics and port projects, where sustainability is a crucial pillar within my work. I believe in integrating sustainability principles with economic aspects in order to contribute to the improvement of our world.

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In brief

As a social economist, I possess the ability to combine various factors and effectively address complex challenges related to social, economic, and environmental issues. I therefore derive satisfaction from solving such issues, analysing them stimulates my creative thinking and drives me to critical analysis as well. In doing so, I find it very instructive to work as part of a team, which gives me both personal satisfaction and continuous learning opportunities.

Developing solutions with positive social impact serves as a continuing source of enthusiasm in my professional pursuits.

To unwind and relax, I will usually resort to reading, playing sports, and traveling. But even outside my work at Rebel, I strive for more conscious consumption behavior and try to have a positive impact on my friends and family through this.