Let’s do it for good campaign

Realized in The Netherlands & Belgium

Let’s do it for good campaign

Rebel wants to harness the valuable lessons we’ve learned during the coronavirus pandemic to raise the quality of life in the Netherlands. Let’s change together – for good.

The challenge:

No one was expecting that the first months of 2020 would give us a glimpse of what a more sustainable world could look like. While most of us were stuck at home, outside the world began to blossom, with cleaner air below blue skies. We started to wonder if it was really necessary to spend so much time on trains and stuck in traffic every week. What can we learn from this period?

The approach

Rebel is an experienced consultant, entrepreneur, and investor when it comes to projects that connect the public and private sectors. Projects that have a positive impact on the world of tomorrow, with a sharp focus on mobility and climate. All those positive news reports about CO2 reduction during the initial phase of the pandemic made us feel hopeful. That’s why we want to focus on a new balance between working from home and at the office, and between climate and mobility.

We started a campaign in the Netherlands and Belgium with a clear message: let’s change together – let’s do it for good. Working together with advertising agency The Creative Shopping Center, copywriter Jan Bennink, and media agency Zoekhelden, the Rebel marketing team designed a social-media toolkit and campaign package. We also held a competition: the Rebel Mobility Challenge.

We published full-page ads in national newspapers in the Netherlands and Belgium, calling on people to maintain the positive impact of the coronavirus crisis on mobility and the environment. We published the same message, plus a call to participate in the Mobility Challenge, as promoted posts on LinkedIn and Instagram. These posts and ads were seen and shared by millions of people across the Netherlands and Belgium.

We selected two winners for the Rebel Mobility Challenge – one for each country – who each received 5,000 euros of seed capital, as well as encouragement and support from Rebel to launch their ideas. Take a look at the Let’s do it for good campaign page or read more (in Dutch) about the winners of the Mobility Challenge.


Our message reached over 3.5 million people, both online and offline.