Calculating the carbon footprint of festival drinks

Realized in The Netherlands

Calculating the carbon footprint of festival drinks

Sustainability is an important topic to Coca-Cola. In order to support fact based decision making on the most sustainable serving method, Rebel took on the challenge of calculating the carbon footprint of serving drinks on Dutch festivals.

The challenge

Coca-Cola the Netherlands serves 85% of Dutch festivals. Sustainability is an urgent topic for Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola asked Rebel to build a tool that can compare different serving methods at festivals objectively.

The approach

We use a life cycle approach with which we focus on the CO2 impact of different serving methods such as plastic cups, reusable hard cups with a deposit system, bioplastics or aluminum/PET packaging. We build in dynamic parameters in order for the tool to be adjusted to the specific situation of different types of festivals. The tool can thus be adjusted to topics like number of visitors, duration of the festival, serving method or waste collection applied etc. The tool is set-up in a spreadsheet-based model.

Our Dynamic Carbon Footprint Calculator for Coca-Cola shows which option is most sustainable when taking different circumstances and the complete supply chain into account.


The project as such also shows opportunities for the development of sustainable alternatives for serving methods of drinks.

“It was inspiring to see the ambitions around sustainability on festivals in practice. I learned that the debate on the most sustainable way to serve a drink is not always based on a factual basis. With this tool we build a mechanism to bring the discussion to the real facts around CO2 footprint.” – Eline Leising


The potential for saving over 30% of CO2 emissions related to serving drinks on festivals.