Advising a consortium bidding for EPC contract

Realized in The Netherlands

Supporting a consortium to prepare and submit a bid for the competitive tender for an EPC contract for the dualization of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport taxiway Q (Quebec).

The challenge

Schiphol Airport experienced sustained demand pre-covid, and the authority sought a solution to expand capacity. The dualization of Taxiway Q enhanced the flow of aircraft by removing a critical bottleneck.


We were mandated as a bid manager and tender strategy advisor by a consortium of contractors participating in the competitive tender. 

The Dutch infrastructure market places strong emphasis on the qualitative elements of tenders, and authorities have developed sophisticated procurement practices around the concept of “Economically Most Advantageous Tender” (EMVI in Dutch), where risk management and mitigation strategies are at the forefront of this technical approach.

Our procurement experts developed and refined this unique skill in the buoyant Benelux PPP market and applied similar strategies and methods to an EPC procurement, which resulted in our client being successfully awarded the contract.


We developed a competitive tender that resulted in a cost-efficient and high-quality output.