Empowering the Next Generation of Bright Minds

Rebel Youth Academy 2023 kickstarted early September

The South African Rebels started the mission of empowering young minds through specialised training in various skills, with the kick-start of the Rebel Youth Academy the first week of September.

Thirteen bright and talented young adults, from our local communities around Johannesburg, joined us on a journey at the Rebel Youth Academy. Our goal is to provide them with valuable skills and knowledge, preparing them for a future full of opportunities and possibilities.

For the program, our own Rebels have developed training content that we are passionate about, to speak to these young minds.

The Academy’s training program will cover a diverse range of subjects, including:
·    Career Development Goals: Choosing the right path for further studies.
·    Data: Where to find useful and maybe useless data?
·    Environmental Awareness: How to survive climate change?
·    Personal finance management: Tools to weather any storm.
·    Work: What does the future of work look like?
·    History of Film: The power of motion pictures.
·    Emotional intelligence: How do I feel and what does that mean?
·    Yoga and Self-defense: How to keep calm and keep your cool?

In the coming weeks, these youth will experience a full program within the Rebel environment, where we hope to plant a small seed that will inspire and encourage them on their path ahead of them.