Waste & recycling

We are wasting waste. There is much more potential for profit in waste than is being realised at the moment. Our broad knowledge of the sector combined with our PPP expertise can change this.

Waste processing: from public to private
Due to the scarcity of raw materials waste is increasingly looked at as a valuable resource. More and more companies want to make waste their business. They are coming up with innovative techniques that make recycling a more effective and cheaper option. Moreover, these new techniques will relieve citizens of at least part of the duty to separate household rubbish. A positive change, in other words. The problem is that the companies’ public sector past is getting in the way of an effective strategy.

Rebel sets challenge
By giving the right incentives to the waste and recycling market, Rebel is at the forefront of the new movement of making waste pay. In other words, we want to achieve a perfect balance of responsibilities between public authorities, companies and citizens. Public authorities can come to us for a social cost-benefit analysis of the different systems and we can also guide them through the process of choosing the most suitable PPP arrangement. We help companies structure their organisation in order to create market space, as in the case of a waste processing company looking to introduce a new way of recycling bottom ash. In Egypt we developed a strategy to involve international private parties in the waste processing sector.

From waste to valuable product
We have a very good understanding of how PPPs work. We speak the language of both the public and private sectors. That is why we feel at home in the waste and recycling sector. There are many players in this market, each with his own interests. We see it as a challenge to bring these interests together so that waste is no longer seen as waste but as a valuable commodity.