Über Matthew Hudson

I work in all aspects of transportation. I’m a collaborator who gets the problem fixed.

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In brief

I spent 20 years with Transport for London. My core areas are advisory work around Customer Experience (fare collection, customer care, road charging, open data); commercial structuring of service contracts,; transport policy; governance models, and property development with transport infrastructure.

My favorite moment in a project is when you isolate the key issue, work out the solution, and get everyone bought in to it. I like working with people who are open to delivering solutions; people who will share and listen. And if that isn’t the case, I like to persuade them to adopt this way of working!

My mind is always thinking (one pastime is completing a Masters in History and Politics) but what I have learnt to love is my yoga in the morning and the revolutions of my bike; balance those moments of calm with moments of activity.