Über Jasper van Beveren

I find it inspiring and motivating to work with different people on the complex challenges related to the major societal transitions of today and tomorrow.

Verbinden mit Jasper

In short

Having a multi- and transdisciplinary background in climate resilience, water management, and the circular economy, I recognize that various stakeholders from different disciplines are involved in these complex challenges. I believe that by working together across borders and disciplines, we can navigate the major societal transitions of today and tomorrow.

As a transition management consultant, I use this knowledge to create handholds in our ever-evolving world. I enjoy collaborating with diverse groups from both the public and private sectors to address these challenges. I get excited about turning complex questions into tangible ideas that people can use.

That is also why, every now and then, I give guest lectures at schools where a close friend of mine works. It’s fun, and I still learn from it.

Outside of Rebel, I love playing sports, especially basketball. I also enjoy traveling, meeting up with friends, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.