Über Ingwell Kuil

I am passionate to work effectively towards creating an impact system but more importantly an "impact culture", and help teams see the opportunity to work on impactful transactions and innovations that are truly changing the market.

Verbinden mit Ingwell

In brief

I am a hands-on entrepreneurial, creative and inspired female professional, with almost 20 years of work experience in international development affairs, with a focus on innovative financial risk management for the public and private sector. I have worked extensively on developing and implementing impact management and measurement systems, and, in particular, have played a leading role in articulating and exploring the impact of capital markets interventions.

I have always been driven to understand, explore and strategize how the private sector can contribute to international and social development.  This focus has been the common thread in my career and it is great to continue working on financially sound projects while maximizing social development impact, together with you.