Über Wouter de Waart

A better world starts with yourself. I get energy from using my data and analytical skills to make terms like circularity and sustainability quantifiable and concrete.

Verbinden mit Wouter

In brief

As far as I’m concerned, we don’t always have to make everything bigger, better, and more expensive. Using my background as an economist and my experience with circular issues, I harness my love of data analysis to help governments and individuals gain insight into the state of affairs in the field of sustainability. Together, we can come to better solutions that will save money and create a better future. I’m at my best as part of a team that values open and clear communication, and that can really pull together as one.

The experience I gained during my time at the National Think Tank also allows me to perform as a speaker and storyteller in addition to my work at Rebel. My unique skillset helps ensure smart and effective communication within a project.