Social added value of sports and exercise

Realized in The Netherlands
Engaging in sports and exercise makes people healthier and happier. The social value of sports and exercise outweighs relevant investments by a factor of approx. 2.5.


The investments in and social value of sports and exercise have never been mapped structurally in the Netherlands. Consequently, we needed to revert to many data sources and assumptions.

The approach

Government bodies and the business community are investing in sports in many ways. Some investments are intended to encourage people to exercise; such investments were covered in our study. The study did not cover investments in, e.g., top sports, as these serve another policy purpose. In collaboration with municipalities and sector experts we defined the scope of the study and formulated substantiated assumptions. Subsequently, Rebel started calculating. For our study, we consulted and combined many public data sources.

Additionally complicating was the fact that we calculated the social added value not only for the Netherlands but also for the nearly 400 Dutch municipalities. We attributed investments and benefits to each Dutch municipality on the basis of multiple calculation rules. The outcomes were made available to the municipalities in an easily accessible dashboard. The dashboard also allows municipal peer comparisons.


Standard for calculating social added value; spotlighting importance of sports and exercise investments.