Formulating Regional Energy and Climate Strategy Heart of Brabant

Realized in The Netherlands
Thirty regions in the Netherlands are drawing up Regional Energy Strategies (RESs) to substantiate the Climate Agreement. Rebel went the extra mile and addressed the climate tasking as well: we drew up a Regional Energy and Climate Strategy (RECS).


Combining energy and climate policies into a single implementation strategy. Seems logical, as they are two sides of the same sustainability coin. In actual practice, however, this combination is not self-evident. It requires proper coordination and intensive participation. This is where the Hart van Brabant region stands out from the other 29 regions in the Netherlands.

The approach

The RECS proposes to have a public regional energy company arrange the generation of sustainable electricity (1 Terawatt hour) within the Hart van Brabant region. This same company can then also address the regional climate tasking, funded from the revenue generated through the sustainable generation of electricity from wind and solar energy.

The region is thus killing two birds with one stone: it is carrying out its share of the Climate Agreement and attending to the implementation of regional climate adaptation measures.


Realizing sustainable energy generation with a positive social and financial business case.