Connecting housing corporations’ real estate to DHS

Realized in The Netherlands



The city of Amersfoort aims to be carbon-neutral by 2030. Among other things, this entails that urban real estate, the majority of which still uses natural gas for heating, must come off the natural gas network. In the long run, the Amersfoort heating company aims to construct a city-wide heating system. The first steps towards this goal are currently being taken in the Schothorst-Zuid neighborhood. Key stakeholders for getting the neighborhood off the gas network are three housing corporations. Rebel is supporting the three housing corporations in drawing up and assessing decision-making criteria for connection to the district heating system (DHS).


To this end, we are assessing the business case, supervising the dialogue with the heating company, and providing advice regarding contract agreements. Furthermore, we are assisting in the retrieval of important information within the corporations in the purview of the negotiating process. Corporations play an important part in expediting the gas-free transition. Rebel helps corporations seize this part, mindful of their interests and the importance of participating under fair conditions.



Giving impetus to the heat transition in the built environment.