nature for health: healthy greenery

Exercise, relaxation, social contact: the nature around us is beneficial to our mental and physical health. If we ask ourselves what adds our lives the greatest value and where, the answer is often nature. That is our reason for looking into issues of ‘nature for health’. After all, the quality of life improves wherever nature and health go together.

In short

More greenery, less worries

Green space around us improves air quality, reduces noise and encourages exercise. The benefits for the mind have also been amply proven. In short, nature makes us happier and healthier. Nature could therefore prove of great value to a healthcare system that is simply unsustainable in the long term. 

The prevention of illness is set to become increasingly important in the future, while a measure of preventive care can be found in nature. The societal benefits of more green space are nevertheless often overlooked. Rebel makes these benefits transparent to policymakers, insurers and other stakeholders. 

We can convince various parties to invest more in greenery by showing them how nature contributes to a healthier living environment.


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