nature development: more greenery in the world

Our greatest challenge: creating new nature. If that can be rendered economically feasible, we will have achieved our objective. We cooperate with authorities and companies for instance, to source funding for the transformation of agricultural land into nature. Or collaborate with volunteers in organising the maintenance and management of a new stretch of forest.

In short

The challenge: creating nature

Many parties are still reluctant to invest in nature, for the simple reason that the added value is difficult to calculate and substantiate. What exactly are you investing in? This is where Rebel comes in. Fully aware of the importance of nature, we proceed to calculate its ecological, social and economic value. 

For example, we make the benefits that a stretch of forest offers society tangible, from more drinking water to cooling and greater biodiversity. And we are increasingly capable of expressing such values in euros and other hard figures. We have taken it upon ourselves to make the benefits of nature development even clearer.


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