nature-inclusive farming: agriculture of the future

What if agriculture were to go hand in hand with nature conservation? More to the point, what if it actually enhanced nature? Rebel is examining possible ways of realising this, by means that offer future prospects for farming. We dedicate our efforts to tackling such issues, with a view to enhancing nature and improving the world.

In short

Working with nature

Groundwater abstraction, pesticide contamination, ammonia in the soil due to manure surplus: it is no secret that today’s agriculture can be harmful to nature. Moreover, nature often has to make way.

Forms of agriculture are nevertheless emerging that actually enhance nature. Such as regenerative agriculture, which is committed to healthy soil as a natural means of increasing production. 

Rebel has therefore taken it upon itself to write a business case that underpins the claim of increased productivity and this favourable earnings model. This is our way of convincing both farmers to make the switch and banks to contribute. Therein lies our challenge. We help build a revenue model that works with nature rather than against it. 


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